Testimonial Quotes

Testimonials from some of our satisfied Clients.

I just had to write and let you know how much I love Touch Massage. I am always made to feel they are glad to see me. Plus I feel so much more relaxed after a great massage.  I had a shoulder injury and Lisa worked hard to get my shoulder moving comfortably so I am able to do daily stuff like combing my hair or reaching for a glass in the cupboard. She worked in other areas also, to loosen muscles that got tightened up as well.

Thank you again Touch Massage and special thanks to Lisa for helping me to feel so much better.   Couldn’t feel this good without you and your caring work.


You have a very happy customer here.


Wheat Ridge, CO

There is nothing like a tandem massage from Touch Massage Therapy. Incredible.

Brad Killgore, Parker, CO

I have loved massages all my life, but I have found it to be really hard
to find a “GOOD” therapist…until recently. Lisa is absolutely
AMAZING!!!! I don’t want some foofy person waving their hands all over my body,
putting a few stones on my back and rocking me back and forth for 45 minutes.
I want someone who’s not afraid to get in that problem area and work it
out! Lisa will ‘give you the treatment’ you need/want in the areas you need
it most with the perfect amount of pressure YOU request.

She always goes the FULL hour (sometimes longer) rather than 45 min like
everywhere else, concentrates on problem areas with the right amount of
pressure (or pain, however you view it) and uses various products that will be
beneficial to your situation. I have the most fun talking, joking and
carrying on with her as well, but if you want her to zip it and snore through
the session, be her guest!

We have found our massage therapist for life and absolutely couldn’t be
happier! And the best part (I think) is she will come to your house!

Sonya and Kelly B
Castle Pines, CO

18801 E Mainstreet Suite #180, Parker, Colorado 80134

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